BTG82 Optical Illusion Sunshine and Shadows Quilt

78 x 80 inches

Log cabin patterns have always been some of my favorite patterns. Using a combination of the same size strips or "logs" with various prints and fabrics it seems that no two antique Log Cabin quilts are ever exactly the same. Fabrics change and even with the same pattern the quilt looks different. This is the first time I have ever seen an antique Log Cabin with this configuration. I'm not quite sure what to call it, but to me it is a one of a kind. The basic pattern is sunshine and shadows. However, with the red outline of each block, the quilt becomes optical illusion and a pattern unto itself. We have sunshine and shadow and we have a visual of windows with four panes. What do you see?

Measuring 78" by 80", this quilt is comprised of 3/4" logs with 1-3/4" chimneys comprising 10 inch blocks. The separate 3/8" applied binding is in the same red as used to outline the blocks. The backing is white flannel, making this a very cozy quilt. The tied quilt is comprised of dozens and dozens of different c.1928 calicos in every imaginable color. I have studied this quilt for a long long time and still find a fabric I haven't seen before. What a perfect quilt either as art on your wall or as a cuddly quilt at any time of the year.

In unused condition, organically washed, this one of a kind design is now ready to be sent to your home for approval.