CONHO20 Rose Applique Kit Quilt
c. 1940
73 x 88 inches
New England

Kit quilts were wonderful for women who wanted a ready-to-go project. This c.1940 quilt is beautifully appliqued, and I have a feeling that she did some extra embellishments beyond the asked-for work. The quilting pattern would have come stamped on the whole cloth backing. The quilting design has a center medallion floral pattern along with a various array of designs. The quilting stitches are small and very precise. Diagonal crosshatching is executed in a 1" grid. The edge is scalloped in a very 20th Century way. The pink binding is 3/8" separately applied by hand. The backing is the same white fabric as the front, and as a result you have a reversible white quilt with beautiful quilting.

If you want to feel like the summer is always with you..this might be the perfect quilt.

Unused, but now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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