CONJP2 Original Adaptation of Flying Geese Quilt

65 x 79 inches

Totally unique and very graphic is this Pacific Marine Blue and white Flying Geese design with corner blocks. All Geese are aimed towards the center of each side while your eye is drawn to the center hand quilted medallion.

Triangular flying geese measure 6" X 4-1/4 X 4-1/2. Two outer rows..the first outer row is apx. 5" in width and is comprised of corner blocks, a center strip 10" in length which is joined by blue rectangles ..on the sides the longer rectangles measure 29" in length while on the top and bottom the rectangles measure 23" in length. The white center measures 31" X 44". There are Variable Stars in each of the 4 inside corner blocks.

There is a quilted center medallion design which I believe is original to the quilter. Surrounding the medallion are rows of straight line quilting with the outside perimeter of the four corners becoming crosshatched. Each triangle has three rows of echo straight line quilting. The points of each star are echo quilted with the center portion having cross hatch quilting. The entire quilt is extensively quilted using various patterns.

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your at home approval.