CONTS1 Victorian Crazy Quilt with Lace

68 x 68 inches
Hudson, Massachusetts

The patience and creativity that many Victorian women had in the designing and execution of these artistic masterpieces is truly amazing. This is the first Victorian crazy quilt I've seen over 35 years that is in absolutely perfect condition.

Not only is this an exquisite Crazy Quilt but the composition differs from any I have ever seen. When first looking at this quilt you see several strips that were individually designed, sewn and embellished. These 9 1/2" strips were sewn together, then the edges were exquisitily embellished. Upon closer examination, the construction of these strips was more complicated. Each panel was made from a series of large dimamonds that are slightly tilted! They are not only so artistically creative but the embellishments captivate our eyes. In the main body of the quilt we have some amazing hand embroidery with silk thread and silk ribbons. The silk pieces are filled with flora and fauna: birds, staffs of wheat (the symbol of life), butterflies, even including an embroidered cartoon. Another design element setting this quilt above others is the outside perimeter of a 5-1/2" ice cream cone border. Each "cone" is embroidered with an animal or flower, then each of those pieces are outline embellished. I have seen thes quilts edged with lace trim...however, in this case, exquisite hand made lace is sewn behind the ice cream cone border. The effect is captivating. The designer only allows one to see the lace slightly between the sides of the cones and a half inch beyond the top of each cone. Here we have a crazy quilt that I believe one could never get tired of admiring.

All design elements are perfect. The miniature embroidery is outstanding and the condition is absolutely perfect. Backed with a goldish-brown cotton, reverse tied with each tie covered with little bows.

This amazing textile comes directly from the family, from Hudson, Mass. The name of the creator will be given upon sale of this quilt.

This is one of those quilts where I feel a photograph comes nowhere near doing it justice.

This amazing quilt is ready to be sent with free shipping for your approval.