Q9123 Victorian Crazy Quilt
Dated and signed: 1892
61 x 71
Near Potsdam, New York

The next owner of this spectacular Victorian Crazy Quilt should be able to trace the family history with the information I will provide.
The floral embroidery and embellishments are some of the finest I have ever seen. The level of proficiency displayed on this quilt could be achieved by only the finest. Embroidery work was a skill that most Victorian woman enjoyed...it was the rage of an era. However, this level is seldom seen!
The Victorian Crazy quilt is what I usually call..organized chaos...Not here...this lady of means needed organization...We see 42 ..what I will call "window Panes"..separated by a 1" black silk velvet ribbon sashing and finished with a 2" border of black silk velvet turning the front over to the back for the "binding". Even the binding is embellished. Each window pane has a center medallion flower that has been embroidered to perfection...even the colors are true to the flower. Surrounding each flower is the crazy quilt ...We actually have 42 miniature crazy quilts.
The mark of excellence for a Victorian Crazy quilt is 100 different stitches...This quilt is on a different plateau way above the norm! The silk twist used for embellishment was executed in multiple rows...three times the work, but well worth the effort. We can tell by the luxuriousness of this quilt that the family was of affluent means..plus, the time needed to work on this project..well..she was not doing housework. The other contributing factor to the social status of this family was the expense of silk fabric used throughout the entire quilt. A wholecloth mustard "polished cotton" was used for the backing. A cotton batting was quilted to the backing to prevent the batting moving while being displayed. Silk Crazy Quilts were made for embellishment and not as bed coverings.
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