B25 Wool and Cotton Blanket

66 x 82 inches
New Hampshire

We have here a very funky homespun wool and cotton blanket made approximately 1860 to 1875, sometime during the third quarter of the 19th century. Believed to be from New Hampshire. This blanket measures 66 x 82" plus a 3 inch fringe on one end. It was made on a 32 inch loom and then pieced together. They didn't bother to match the plaids or the stripes or the plaids all the way across. It is very funky. There are a couple of original moth holes. There is one area that we could weave. The fringe is all hand knotted. It's just a great piece. It is definitely funky. It is in complete original condition and ready to be sent for your approval.
Made from a very very fine wool and cotton, and absolutely can be used. It's very cozy, and it would be warm because of the wool, and very comfortable because of the softness, and it's light in weight. It would be great folded up as an accent piece too, and then taken out to be used.