CONHO9 Baskets of Flowers
c. 1930
72 x 78 inches

A simple Basket pattern has been turned into a beautiful garden of flowers. There are thirty 7-1/2 " pieced basket blocks on point. Each basket is filled with a different hand appliqued flower...30 different flowers appliqued in every wonderful, vibrant color in one's garden. The basket handles, flowers and leaves are all hand embellished with beautiful matching or complementary colors of embroidery thread. Each alternating block on point is a solid pink making the entire quilt just seem happy :-) This quilt measures approximately 72 x 78. The pieces making up the flower blocks are all hand outline quilted. The solid pink blocks are quilted with diagonal crosshatching. The 4 borders surrounding the baskets are quilted in a perpendicular quilting grid. All quilting and embroidery are executed by hand while the blocks are pieced together by machine. The backing of this quilt is a natural color cotton muslin. The binding has been turned over from the front to the back. I believe this quilt is from Pennsylvania, appears never to have been used, and dates from C.1930. Perfect for either a bed or a wall, now organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your viewing.

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