CONSH7 Black and Gold Silk Mourning Quilt
46 x 61 inches
New England

This amazing piece of textile art was created around 1885 and is called a mourning quilt. A mourning quilt was literally made to grieve over the loss of a loved one. It is unknown where this was made, but I feel it was probably from New England or New York. This quilt is comprised of 12 16” blocks. It’s very possible that different people created their own blocks. I am surmising this because of the different styles in stitching demonstrated here and the different stylized design elements. The background fabrics used are various black silks and silk velvets. The silk threads used are a color combination of gold, orange and yellow/beige. Each block is an original design. This quilt was stuffed and backed and bound at a later date. There are very few of these quilts that have survived. After 32 years, I have only been able to find four of these 19th century quilts. An amazing piece of art for any collector or designer. Please call for more information. Ready to be sent for your approval.