CQ200 Nine Patch with Miniature Nine Patch Joining Blocks

26 x 32 inches
The South

This bassinet quilt, while made for a child, is an exact copy of an adults quilt. I have known times when you would find a mother's and child's matching quilts. Rare, but it does happen. The larger nine patch blocks have 4-1/2 " sides made up of 1-1/2" squares. The diminutive nine patch joining block measures 1-78" wide with 5/8" squares. The pieces are joined with 1-3/4" sashing. The quilt is pieced and quilted by hand. The applied binding, which we have restored, is from the same date fabric. The diminutive red and white calico seen in the joining sashing is also used for the backing. In fabulous condition. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. Probably created in the south, due to the arc quilting design