Q8131 Steeple Chase

78 x 80 inches

The hand quilting on this piece is incredibly executed. One can still see the faint pencil marks for the quilting design. It is comprised of hundreds of 1-1/4 inch squares on point. Most people are more familiar with the Irish chain pattern where the piecing of that pattern is on the diagonal. The steeplechase uses the same construction, but on the vertical and horizontal. The minuscule salmon check fabric almost appears as a solid color from a distance. Completely pieced by hand, it's finished with a binding measuring only a little over 1/8 inch. The six open areas of white measure 12 inches square, the twelve rectangular blocks measure 12 x 5-1/2 inches and the four inside corner blocks are 6 inches square. Each block is heavily embellished with a whole leaf design, half leaf design and quarter leaf design. They are executed by using perfect small quilting stitches. The outside edge has a double border; one row measures 2 inches wide while the other measures 3-1/2 inches. These borders are quilted with a swag design and diagonal quilting. I find this quilt to be very sophisticated with simplicity. It appears to be unused. The woman who made this was probably from a prosperous family where she could create this masterpiece without using it as a bed cover. Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for a new home. This quilt could fit a twin, double or queen size bed.