Q8303 Silk Broken Dishes with Embroidery Border
64 x 64 (162.6 x 162.6 cm)

A stunning creation comprised of luscious silks. Jewel tones shine like only high quality silk can and this rainbow of colors is arranged to give maximum effect. Triangles measuring 3 ½ inches on the short sides form the Broken Dishes pattern, with all seams embellished with multi hued silk floss. The 3 ½ inch outer border on this sophisticated silk creation adds a touch of whimsy that sets this quilt apart from other lovely antique silk quilts. Animals and insects, children and toads, flowers and fruits, moons and stars just to name a few, coexist happily on the four sided silk blocks border. Within this border is a 2 inch silk bricks border. These design elements come together to create a unique and visually stunning quilt.

The backing is a lovely silk in a solid saturated melon hue – see detail pictures. The applied 1/4 inch binding is in brown silk and sewn entirely by hand. The batting is very thin and lightweight, reverse tied using silk floss.

This is a very beautiful and visually graphic silk quilt that pleads to be hung on a wall and enjoyed as the artwork it is. Please ask Betsey about having this quilt sent to you on approval for private viewing.