Q8568 Birds in the Air Quilt
72 x 76

A captivating quilt in unused condition.Comprised of 5" split square blocks with a 4" border of 4" diamond in a square blocks. The binding is a 1/4" red and white plaid. All work is done by hand..Quilting is 1" straight line vertical quilting in some areas, diagonal quilting in other areas, while horizontal quilting in yet other areas. Backing is a taupe on beige Crocus design...probably darker as early aniline dyes did not always hold. This is the era for conversation prints...we have early baseball players..one running, an umpire, ..then horses, anchors, race horse with jockey, coins...pennies and nickles and a sailboat...maybe more...a virtual treasure hunt of conversation prints.
The diamond in a square border, today associated with the Amish, creates a wonderfully intriguing border. There are so many red, white and blue fabrics along with the baseball conversation prints, that we have decided to add this quilt to the Patriotic section.
A quilt that one can not tire of looking at..always discovering new prints..What a wonderful piece of art for your wall.
Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your in home viewing.