Q8653 Touching Stars
58 x 79 (147.3 x 200.7 cm)

In wonderful condition, this early quilt has been created in the Touching Stars pattern. The colors of the fabric used in this quilt are hard to find and sought after for today’s decorator palette. The medium gray, black and white calico in 2 inch diamonds make up the large stars and create a beautiful and very graphic piece of textile art. Each diamond has been hand quilted with outline stitches with the larger joining blocks showcasing a fantastic combination of oak leaves with cross hatch sunburst centers. The smaller white joining blocks are stitched entirely in diagonal ¾ inch cross hatch.

The 3/8 inch separately applied binding is in the same calico as used throughout the quilt and provides the perfect frame for the stars. The backing is white linen. A fabulous, graphic quilt in a diminutive size with a lovely, positive energy. This quilt was seldom used and very well cared for. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. Remember, our quilts are always sent on approval.