Q8682 Cactus Basket
78 x 80 (198.1 x 203.2 cm)
Chester County, Pennsylvania

This stunningly graphic pre-Civil War quilt in amazing condition is comprised of four intriguing cotton fabrics. These fabrics include a three color print in rose, sherbet and pink, an over dyed green on green print, a russet calico with a ladybug-like design, and a cheddar calico with black dots and white dashes. All four fabrics are used in each of the 6 ¼" meticulously hand pieced cactus basket blocks. Triangles within these blocks measure 1 ½" at the base with 1 ¼" sides.

Two borders frame the quilt: a 1 3/8" inner border in the pink print with echo outline hand quilting, and an 11 inch over dyed green border hand quilted in a flowing double line feathered vine design surrounded by ½" diagonal cross hatch stitching. Over dyed green joining blocks display an 8 point star quilted in the center with quilted hearts forming a ring around the star. Hearts are also quilted in the base of every basket. The presence of hearts is an indication this was a wedding gift or a gift between an affianced couple.

The entire backing is a gorgeous Turkey red, black and white geometric pattern. The outer green border turns over to the back and forms the scant ¼" hand stitched binding. This is a crisp, beautifully quilted piece created in lovely, bold colors. A vivid statement for bed or wall, this quilt has been professionally hand washed by Betsey. Quilts are always sent on approval.