Q9104 Signature Block Quilt

77 x 77 inches
New England

This wonderful quilt is comprised of two fabrics...a vegetable dyed calico and an off white. The signature blocks, on point, measure apx 12” square and are then joined with a 2” sashing from the same fabric. All work was completely hand executed, as this was created before the sewing machine was invented. The separate applied binding measures 1/4” in width and is the same fabric as the sashing and the blocks. The backing is a home spun linen indicative of the era. There are various quilting designs executed on this quilt from outline quilting to straight line quilting to V quilting. The colors may be hard to discern on any computer, which is why I like to send all quilts out for approval. The colors are a gold on yellow and a beige, black and white on chocolate calico. Mint condition. This is a perfect size as art on the wall and will also fit a double size bed. A quilt that can also be used as throw for a sofa or queen bed. These two fabrics have created a sophisticated and graphic piece of early New England art. Two early NE vegetable colors.
We always send for your approval...