AMC3 Victorian Crazy Quilt

56 x 66 inches
New England

Silks and silk velvets were the fabrics of well to do families prior to the 1890’s. This Victorian crazy quilt, having been made in the 1880’s is comprised of wonderfully made silks and silk velvets. The mark of excellence for a v c q is 100 different stitches This quilt not only reaches this, but surpasses the level of embellishment. These quilts were created using the block formation. Created with apx 10 1/2” blocks, the edge of each block being embellished with various stitches. My feeling is that this quilt was made near the ocean as it was embellished with anchors and fish. Other Victorian symbols used include Japanese fans, as a symbol of the origin of these quilts, owls for their wisdom and of course beautifully painted oil and adorned flowers. The silk velvet border appears to have been used prior to the edging of this quilt. Because of its size, this is a wonderful quilt to hang in the home.