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Picture of a ivy and rose colored quilt being professionally washed in soapy water.

Quilt Cleaning & Washing

Do you have a quilt that needs washing? Is your special quilt no longer a joy to your eyes or nose? Is a valuable antique quilt marred by age spots or staining? Antique quilt cleaning is our specialty. Betsey provides professional quilt washing by hand of cotton quilts for $450 and up for bed size, depending on the individual quilt, plus the cost of insurance and shipping back to you.  Betsey will talk to you about your quilt once it arrives to let you know if it requires more than the usual fee.

Your quilt will be evaluated for age, fabric and type of dyes used before Betsey chooses just the right combination of water temperature, cleaning products, and soaking times. Every quilt is gently washed organically by hand, and always receives a final wash in organic laundry products before being air dried. After washing, the quilt is inspected again for cleanliness, and will be rewashed if stubborn but workable stains remain. Unfortunately, some stains are permanent, such as severe acid staining, 19th century medicine, ink, paint, or permanent marker. Much of the time, Betsey is able to fade the intensity of these stains, or as she would say, “Now they are clean spots!”

The difference between a quilt before Betsey works with it and after is truly amazing. Bright and fresh smelling, the quilt is ready to return to its owner and give pleasure for years to come.

Important Considerations When Washing a Quilt:

If you have a wool quilt in need of care, please contact Betsey to discuss your cleaning options for this particular fiber. Unfortunately, Betsey does not clean silk quilts of any kind. No matter whether your quilt is cotton, wool or silk, you can protect it by keeping it away from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, smoke, rough physical treatment, and washing machines. Also, if you use an antique quilt on your bed, make sure you are sleeping under it, and not on top of it! Over the past 32 years, through hundreds and hundreds of quilt washings, 99% of Betsey’s washing experience has been with quilts from the 1780’s through the 1950’s. Therefore, Betsey requires a signed release before washing any quilts from the 1960’s to the present. Unless the fabrics from this time period were prewashed before being used in the quilt, there is a chance that some of the dyes will run. Unfortunately, pretesting these dyes is not always reliable, so the client must bear the responsibility for the outcome on quilts of this time period.

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