B27 The Wonderful Red, White and Blue Blanket

79 x 91 inches
New England

Can you imagine the days it took to create this home woven blanket? Woven on a 26-1/2 inch loom from red, white and blue yarn. I do not know if the weaver spun the yarn or purchased the yarn for weaving. Because of the lack of this information I will call this home woven.
The strips are sewn together so perfectly that the homespun blanket is completely reversible. The very bottom of this blanket has some areas where the red color has moved onto the white. This blanket should be sent to the cleaners....I do not have a good one here..so....a discounted price. If perfect and cleaned....$1,800...as is $1,200.....:-)
Measures 79" wide x 91" long...according to the strips...however can be used in either direction and on either side...
will send for your at-home approval