B31 Folksy Western Motif Bates Bedspread

75 x 92 inches

Red, white, and blue are the colors used in the construction of this pleasingly graphic western motif spread. A few of the machine woven designs seen here are the rising sun, flying birds and numerous cattle brands. Each ranch has their own individulisic design for a branding iron. When cattle roamed the open range the brand was the only way to tell which cattle belonged to whom.

This spread can be used for its original intent as a bed spread or for delightful pillows...or both with a twin bed. Another idea is this artistic spread folded over a bar would make a fun piece of art on your wall either full size or folded in halves, thirds or quarters.

This lower price reflects some shading on the spread.

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your at home approval.