B38 Signed Hand Loomed Jacquard Patriotic Coverlet with Eagles

85" + 4" bottom fringe x 76" + 4" fringe on sides
Middletown, Frederick County, Maryland
Woven by Andrew Corick, Created for Julian floock

How exciting to know who made this Hand Woven Jacquard Coverlet and for whom it was made! In addition, the Eagles make this coverlet patriotic!

Andrew Corick wove coverlets from 1830 to 1845. An emigrant from Germany who many times used Germanic symbols in his weaving. Julian Floock was the individual for whom this coverlet was woven as we see woven into the coverlet 8" from the bottom.

Woven on a 38" loom from red, medium blue, dark Indigo blue and then hand sewn together, using a whip stitch and the medium blue yarn. The plain undyed natural color cotton is used for the warp with colored woolen yarn used for the weft.

The 2 side borders measure 7-3/4" each and depict a repeated pattern of a pair of Eagles, one on each side of a tree, flanked by shrubs. Does this tree symbolize "The Tree Of Life"?

The floral motif is that of 4 Roses surrounded by what look more like Oak leaves. Artistic license?

Andrew Corick's coverlets may be found at the Smithsonian and Henry Ford Museums.

I do not see any fade, tears, holes or rips. The only sign of use is slight wear on the side fringe.

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