B39 Overshot Summer/Winter Woven Coverlet

68" x 82"

A textile that is mint means never used...Well, here is one. The reason I know this is because the weaver never sewed the two 82" panels together...therefore never used! We have sewn the strips together using spun linen thread of the same shade as the ecru linen used in this coverlet. For some unknown reason the weaver did not have all the fringe the same length. However, this is not from use!

The yarns are a true Indigo and a red dyed wool, both woven with a natural color Linen. The combination becomes very American. The coverlet is called summer/winter as the darker side would have been used in the winter with the lighter side being the summer side. The border is a rendition of a pine tree...trees were so very important both for building homes and for keeping warm. With fringe being only on one end, this lends itself to being turned to fit a queen or king bed...bed sizes never heard of when this coverlet was woven.

It was not uncommon for women to trade items. For example maybe you raised flax which becomes linen fibers or raised sheep and carded, dyed and spun the wool. The two women could trade for the needed fiber. Woven coverlets were much needed to keep warm in cold climates such as here in New England and down towards and including parts of the south. What is rare and unusual is finding a never used coverlet.

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