B40 Rare Unused Early American Homespun Sheet

67 x 100 inches
New England

Most early New Englanders were self sufficient for numerous reasons. One was the obvious monetary reason..another was the fierce sense of independence. People took pride in their work and executed everything to the best of their ability...aiming for perfection. Whatever they were working on needed to last for years and may haven taken years to complete.

Here in Early New England we raised flax, which became Linen fiber to be spun into thread that was then woven into various home linens. This, what appears to be unused, sheet was woven on a 34 inch loom. Two strips were sewn together to create this much prized home spun bed linen. In wills the second most important item, after house and land, were the families textiles. From start to finish this project could take up to 2 years!...All hand labor!

In today's world we could use this rare hand woven textile either as a sheet or as a summer blanket. Due to the length of time the construction took, it is easy to see why textiles were so highly prized.

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