B41 Irish Home Woven Coverlet

48 x 71 inches
Homespun in Ireland

About 25 years ago I purchased a cradle with this hand woven cotton and linen coverlet inside..there was also a note..unfortunately now lost, telling the story of these items. As I remember the story it told that the hand woven coverlet and the cradle, holding a baby, came over from Ireland during the time when so many were fleeing the potato famine. The time would have been the very early 1850's. My shop has always been for American textiles, mostly quilts. However, I could not resist this purchase as at that time I was approaching the grandchild era in my life.

This coverlet measures 48" X 71"...Colors of the threads in this coverlet are a chocolate brown, muted gold, off white, red and black. Overall the coverlet is very muted. There are two strips loomed on a 24" loom and then sewn together to create the 48" width. The design, to me, seems very complicated and would have been created by a master weaver. Is it possible that the Mother of this young Mother lovingly wove this coverlet to keep her grandchild warm for the voyage to America and a new life?

Happy to answer more questions. This early coverlet can be sent, with free shipping, for your final approval.