Q9087 BTG-Collection-30 Tumbling Block, Stars and Blocks, or Columbian Quilt

72 x 86 inches
$1,400, Sale: $900

This quilt has three names, all applicable to this pattern. Both hand and machine quilted with so much quilting as to look stippled. The piecing of this quilt is comprised solely of diamonds, each with 2-3/4 inch sides. The construction format is one I’ve never seen before, made up of strips 17 inches wide x 71 inches long. Five strips are sewn together to create a quilt that measures 72 x 86. The fact that this quilt does not have a top or a bottom means it can be turned in either direction and will therefore fit a single, double or queen size bed. The binding on the front measures 3/8 inch tuned over to the back where it measures 1 inch wide giving the quilt edging added protection. Not only is this quilt an optical illusion, graphic and stunning, but the stippling adds another dimension with is fully appreciated when hung. Unused condition and organically hand washed by Betsey and ready for a new home.