BTG24 Variation of Rising Sun

c. 1845
74 x 78 inches
Believed to be either New York or Pennsylvania

I don’t usually put original pattern quilts online, however, this one is so special that I am hoping there is a collector out there that feels as I do. This spectacular quilt has been in my private collection for years and now it's time for another home. I’ve searched high and low to identify this pattern without any luck. I feel that a very ingenious woman has combined a number of patterns in the creation of this pattern. The quilt is comprised of 20 14-1/2” square blocks surrounded by a triple border. The outside and the inside of the border are 1-1/4” in width with matching size triangles to the inner pattern. The center part of the triple outside border measures 6” in width. The entire quilt is covered with very small hand quilted stitches in a 1/2 inch crosshatched grid. The binding is 1/2” in width and hand applied. All work is completely executed by hand as this quilt was created before the sewing machine was in use. The appliqué stitching is so minuscule one can hardly see it. No, this is not perfect, however, I think it is so spectacular that I’m doing something very unusual and offering it for sale on my web page. The fabrics used to create this quilt are Turkey red, over-dyed green (blue was applied over yellow to create green)...and white linen, then finished with a reddish pink calico binding. The backing used for this quilt is also linen. Professionally hand organically washed by Betsey and ready for approval to a serious collector :-)