BTG28 Crown of Thorns Quilt
74 x 78 inches

The best way for me to describe the color of this quilt is by calling it orange sherbet. I cannot find any other quilt like it. This entire quilt was pieced and quilted by hand. All blocks are 10” square on point with the sashing between the blocks measuring 6”. The horizontal quilting on the sashing was created in triple lines, an 1840's style. The horizontal sashing angled in the opposite direction is quilted in a rope pattern design.

Every diamond throughout the quilt is outline quilted. The double border of this wonderful quilt measures 4-1/4” which includes the 3/8” binding. The innermost border is a sawtooth pattern border in alternating white and sherbet colors. The outside border is 2-1/2” and created from an orange and white gingham. This section is also quilted in a herringbone pattern. The binding is also an orange calico. The blocks are white with a few varieties of c.1840’s double pinks and various early brown calicos, a black and white gingham, and a brown and white gingham. The creator of this quilt was both an amazing graphic artist and a fabulous quilter. This quilt appears to be unused or hardly used.

Now this quilt is organically washed and ready to be sent for your approval.