BTG30 19th Century Amish Father's Quilt

Pre-Civil War
63 x 75 inches
Mifflin County, PA (Nebraska Amish Community)
Call for Price

An Amish Father’s quilt is basically unheard of. The reason for the scarcity of these quilts is that they have rarely survived - especially from the 19th century. I purchased this quilt about 15 yrs ago from a private collection where it had been for over 20 years. The collector is a museum curator. I have in my possession a bible from this family that is being sold separately. The provenance for this quilt will be given upon sale. I have decided after all these years that it’s time for this quilt to be a part of someone else’s collection. This piece is too important to hide. An Amish mother would create one quilt for her son to take with him when he married. This is for the son’s use only and is called The Father’s Quilt. The rarity of such a piece and the fact that they were used has led to the fact of basically being unheard of. Much of the fabric which makes up the quilt is home spun,. Most of the homespun fabric is woolen and dates from the Civil War or earlier. It is an unusual pattern and has a 4 block formation inside a apx 6” square with triangular corners. We also have dungaree fabric (not the 19th century term) and some heavy linen fabrics used in the construction of this rare quilt. Just about all of these fabrics are woolen homespun or home woven. There is both hand and machine stitching, a treadle machine would have been available after c.1850. I am dating this quilt apx c. 1880. This fathers quilt is in complete original condition. Yes, there is wear, but not of importance with this rare quilt. Serious collectors please email or call for a price.