BTG32 Double 9 patch Irish Chain Quilt

68 x 80 inches

Packed away, never used or washed until now...This unused condition raspberry pink calico is comprised of a miniature print that reminds me of a pool ball....or baseball or field hockey ball, etc. The entire quilt has been machine pieced and lovingly hand quilted. The outside 3-1/4” border is comprised of three 1” strips ...2 raspberry pink and one white..then edged with a white 1/4” machine applied binding. The 11” pieced blocks are comprised of five 9 patch blocks created from 1-1/4” squares. The joining 11” white blocks are all cross hatched in a 3/4” beautifully executed with diagonal grid quilting. The overall feel is springlike and cheery. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.