BTG64 Rob Peter to Pay Paul

75 x 79 inches
New England

Shown here is an early quilt that displays what I would call very peaceful and soothing feelings. This quilt is made from a wonderful rare and early overdyed green calico combined with a rare and unusual double pink. The quilt itself has been lovingly used. The front of this quilt, which is a combination of Rob Peter to Pay Paul and Broken Dishes, creates what could be called a Snowball pattern. The backing of the quilt is an early homespun linen. Finishing this quilt is a hand applied binding of different overdyed green calico approximately 3/8 inch in width. The blocks are 7 inch blocks. There is also a tail which measures 7 x 36 inches which would fit a queen size bed today. The quilt measures 75 inches wide by 79 inches long. My feeling is that this quilt was made for a youth bed, maybe a bed for 2 children. The tail and the sides are only 7” in length, leading to my conjecture of its use. The quilt gives an overall feeling of peacefulness, and would be stunning on any queen or full size bed, especially an early bed.... an early 4 post bed.
Created before the sewing machine, all work was lovingly executed by hand.
Organically hand washed and now ready to be sent for your in-home approval. Please ask for more information.