BTG68 Touching Stars Quilt

c.1925sbr> 74 x 84 inches
North Shore, Massachusetts

There are not many people who do not love stars! They are actually one of the most loved patterns of the 19th and early 20th century and once again today here is a beautifully executed C.1925 quilt created in a much loved 19th century pattern. Even the colors are transitional....from the dark 19th century and early twentieth century colors to the deep Lavender that was the rage in the 1920's. There are dozens and dozens of different calicoes, stripes and plaids used in the formation of the stars. There are 30 stars in all which are joined by a 7" off white block with a La Moyne Star pattern echoing the quilted star pattern. One can see the pattern of placement of the stars was a carefully planned placement of colors. Most of the fabrics are pre 1925. All diamonds are outline quilted, borders are either crosshatch quilted or straight line quilted. The quilting stitches are small and beautifully executed.
Sides of each diamond measure 1-3/4", the double border consists of 3" white, 3" of deep lavender and finished with a 1/4" applied binding.
The overall effect of this quilt is stunning! Now organically washed by Betsey, this, what appears to be unused quilt, is ready to be sent for your at home approval.