BTG71 "Blue Work" Embroidered Child's Quilt

c.1925sbr> 75 x 85 inches

During the 1890's there was a craze for the style called "Red Work "...The Victorian era was rich with beautiful embroidery embellishment on silk and woolen quilts. A simpler style was created where the sewers could iron on stencil patterns then execute the stitching...usually a simple embroidery stitch. These quilts were created mainly using cotton fabric and therefore children could join in the style of the era. At that time the quilts were mostly red and white with the embroidery executed in red thread.

This C.1925 ..what I am calling "Blue Work" quilt, is the only one I have ever owned. I am surmising that the sewer was probably older...Maybe a Grandma making this for her grandchild :-)....She was using a style that was meaningful to her and deemed by her family too precious to use.

Created from 42 blocks, each measuring apx. 7-1/2" square, this quilt is a simple blue and white, the most popular color in our country. We have embroidered pictures of children, animals, flowers, days of the week, fairy tales and much more.

The sashing on this quilt, evoking happy feelings, measures 3-1/2" ..there is a double outside border with the blue measuring 3-1/8" and the white measuring 3-1/2". The perfectly executed quilting designs are : 1-1/4" crosshatching in the squares, "X" quilting design in the joining blocks, chain design in the sashing with diagonal quilting 1-1/2" apart on the borders. This quilt is finished with a separate applied white binding.

Appearing to be unused condition and now organically hand washed, this quilt is now ready to be sent for your at home viewing.