BTG74 Early Ohio Star Quilt
88 x 92
New England

Finding an almost 200 year old American Quilt is quilt a task. Even though the very early quilts I am selling are sturdy, I recommend them for collecting or placing on a bed that is seldom used. This early American quilt has never been washed and must have hardly been used. There are a few spots on the quilt, which do not bother me, and will possibly not bother you. Fabrics of this era and such as these were very expensive and only for the wealthy. Fortunately for us this quilt must have been so special that it was packed away, saving it for today's collector. Since it has been in my collection for 25 years, I am now ready to let it go to another collector.

This Ohio Star quit is comprised of 8" blocks on point. The Ohio Star blocks alternate with a very sophiticated early hand painted block print. There are many different fabrics of which most predate 1830. These earlier fabrics are seen in the diamonds which have 2-1/4" sides. Prints are used here that I have never is one reason for this quilt to be in my collection....I am a true antique fabric junkie!

There are 7" borders on three sides...the top not needing a this masterful quilter thought. The backing is linen - the fabric of choice for pre 1850 Eastern quilts. A separate applied 1/4" binding uses the same rare double reddish pink as the border.

Blocks are 8" on point, alternating Ohio Stars and blocks of the same cream colored calico. Diamonds in the stars are 4" long by 1-3/4" wide. Diamonds are mostly browns, creams, with some muted greens and blues and a surprising touch of yellow in just one star. Some chinzes. Stars are surrounded by a couple of double pink calicos.

All work was executed by hand as there was not yet a sewing machine for us to use at home. The quilting was executed in linen thread and shows various designs. Quilting is not the important part of this early quilt, but the design and the amazing fabrics are what make this quilt so collectable.

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