BTG78 Log Cabin Flags (named by me as I cannot locate the pattern name)

c.1890sbr> 68 x 76 inches

Stunning, unusual and graphic...What a wonderful piece of art for your wall. Every other triangle is a black wool or wool Challie...the alternating equilateral triangles contain logs measuring between 1/2" to 3/4" in width. All triangles have 5" sides. The fabrics used to create the "Flag" triangles are wool, wool Challis , cottons and cotton Flannels. This quilt has a pillowcase edging.

The principle colors are black...then red..then blue. The backing is a gorgeous C. 1885 Pansy print in a full size scale...I have never seen the backing reproduced.

When hung, this quilt appears to be in perfect condition. However, on close...very close inspection there are some moth holes and some worn fabrics...Please, note that when hanging, the flaws are not noticeable.

This quilt can be sent for your approval.