BTG80 Ohio Star/LaMoyne Star Quilt
80 x 80 inches
New England

Quilts emulate different feelings. When I look at this quilt, to me it emulates a feeling of peace. Even though life might have been more physically difficult, it was, many times, more emotionally peaceful. To me the colors and graphics feel soothing and peaceful. Constructed around 1850 from fabrics from an earlier age, there are calicos here that I have never seen and never seen reproduced. The back of the quilt is linen -- probably homespun. The thread, I believe, is linen. This quilt is entirely constructed by hand. This fact is not surprising as the quilt predates the household use of the sewing machine. Due to the expensive fabrics seen on this quilt we know the family had to be of comfortable means. The quilt shows no wear and appears to have not been used. However, there is some wear on the very outside edge of the separately applied binding. As these two points are contradictory, I am wondering if the wear on the binding is due to the way the quilt was stored for over 170 years.

Comprised of over 40 9" blocks, containing diamonds with 2-1/2" sides. The blocks are made up of dozens of wonderful early calicos The 3" diagonal sashing joins all the blocks that have been placed on point. The manner in which these stars were pieced actually makes them appear to pulsate. The 80" sides would fit a queen bed with 10" over each edge. Personally, I would love to see this quilt as a major piece of art on the wall in a beautiful home. This amazing quilt is ready to be sent to you on approval.