BTG80 LaMoyne/Ohio Star Quilt

80 x 80 inches
New York

Yes, I am definitely an antique fabric junkie! This amazing early Star pattern quilt was created in a forty-one blocks formation using fabrics from 1825-1850. There are dozens of exceptional fabrics used for this quilt, including a very rare double pink. Eight pointed stars in this fashion are called La Moyne star. Depending on how a star is turned, as in this instance, the pattern is also called an Ohio Star.

We have used in this quilt almost every color, from a rich chocolate brown, double pinks, a very early purple that is very possibly French, madder dyes, and many more. The wholecloth backing, indicative of the age, is linen. Very possibly the thread is the same.

The triangles are all outline quilted, the 9" blocks are outline quilted while the 3" sashing is quilted using a leaf pattern. There is a 1/4" separately applied binding. All work has been executed by hand. This quilt has hardly been used, and has never been washed.

What a graphic and wonderful piece of art for your wall, or perfect for a queen size bed. This quilt may be displayed fully open, folded in half and hung over a fat pole, or folded in quarters and hung over a fat pole. Where this quilt is an even repeat pattern it may be hung very effectively in many ways. All wooden poles must be painted or polyurethaned, so that the acid in the wood does not wick onto the textile.

In this case, the stars actually show motion: they look like they're spinning. This effect is due to the placement of the fabrics, dark/light, dark/light. If you love 19th century prints, as I do, you will love this quilt.

Please ask us to ship it to you, free of charge, for your approval.