BTG84 African American Folk Art Hooked Rug

23 x 38 inches
New England

I believe this original design, mostly rayon, hooked rug is African American and created to remember the massacres of the "Red Summer" race riots of 1919. During that summer there were nunerous race riots that began with the Chicage riot caused by an African American boy swimming at a "white only" beach. During that summer there were hundreds of African Americans killed, in various riots, resulting in the name "Red Summer". The bullseye center symbolizes this slaughtering of human life.

Constructed on burlap using rayons, knits and a very few cotton fabrics, to create a graphic and poignantly graphic rare piece of art.

This one of a kind folk art rug has been hanging in my home for many, many years. I have decided it is time to let someone else treasure this art piece in their home.

Please email or call to see this rug, on approval, with free shipping, in the privacy of your home.