BTG87 Nine Patch/Broken Dishes/Variable Star Quilt

c.1850 with some much earlier fabrics
82 x 94 inches

Out of my private collection comes this quilt. Time to share another quilt from my collection. As a fabric junkie, there are numerous prints on the quilt that I am absolutely captivated by. Completely pieced and quilted by hand. This quilt was created prior to the sewing machine being in the public's use.

There are twenty eight 11" blocks alternating with fabulous 1840s double pink striped calico blocks. Today the style is for us to buy enough fabric to complete every quilt. In the 19th century, fabric was so expensive that each piece was precious. We think of scrap bag quilts as depression era, however this very early quilt contains many scraps assembled in a most pleasing manner. So many of these prints have never been reproduced.

Created in Maine, this early quilt is in perfect condition. The backing is linen, indicative of the era. There is no sashing; there is no binding. The edge of this quilt is pillowcased and closed with a minuscule running stitch.