BTG88 Silk Velvet Crazy Quilt

59 x 69 inches
New England

This mostly silk velvet crazy quilt was created in the 1880s. It was made from nine 17" square blocks and three 10" X 17" blocks. There is an outside 4" border of silk velvet with the edge turned over 1/4" with a hand stitched finishing. There is some wear on the edge of the silk velvet which makes me think someone used it..., or that it was folded and somehow became worn on the edge.

The body of the quilt is perfect, with a minimal amount of restoration done by us. There are six Kate Greenway embroidered pieces, and also a backwards S and a cross. The Kate Greenways are absolutely adorable. Most of this crazy quilt is simple, without a lot of embellishment. The embellishing stitches are of varied colors. The colors of this quilt are warm and pleasant. Due to the wear on the corners, I am pricing this quilt at $1900.

What a wonderful piece of textile art for your home. I am happy to send this quilt, with free shipping, for your in home inspection and approval.