BTG89 Silk Log Cabin Quilt

70 x 75 inches
Believed to be from Pennsylvania

I was about to retire, my husband and I were going to move, and then everything changed. This unbelievably exquisite H block log cabin quilt with a miniature piano key border was chosen by me for another home. Our home that we have lived in for 26 years was built in 1748; therefore there are few places to hang a larger quilt and therefore is now for sale. I was not sure how I would hang this quilt, so I had sleeves installed on all four sides.

We have here 182... 5" blocks. The quilts piecing is 14 blocks by 13 blocks. The piano key border is composed of hundreds of "keys" measuring 3/4" X 2-1/4"...There is 1/8 inch hand separately applied binding. All bars comprising the logs in the Log Cabin pattern are 1/2 inch in width. The lengths vary from 1" to 5"..The black silk velvet chimneys measure 1" by 1-1/4 ".. There is an exquisite, much earlier plaid backing in a Bars pattern believed to be c.1840's

Yes, I think this is one of the most wonderful silk Log Cabin quilts I have ever seen.

This quilt tells us it comes from an affluent family. Silks and silk velvets were very expensive in the first three quarters of the 19th century. The creator had the skills and the free time to indulge in her love of creativity and quilting. Furthermore the backing would have initially made another quilt; instead this very very expensive fabric was used as the backing. Silk quilts were always made to be used as Sunday best, decorative embellishments and as a mark of excellence... not for daily use on a bed.

This absolutely exquisite log cabin quilt is ready to be shipped free of charge...Please ask me for more information.