BTG90 Original Silk Embellished Adaptation of "Triangles" Quilt

67 x 67 inches
Unknown origin

My husband and I were retiring and moving. I found spectacular quilts for our new home..added sleeves so they were ready to hang as visually captivating art. Then all our plans changed! We are not retiring or moving. As a result I have these quilts up for sale. Our home, due to its age of 270 years has ceilings which are very low so we would keep warm on cold New England winter nights. Therefore large areas to hang these beauties in this house is limited.

This amazing quilt was created from triangles with 5" sides that have been pieced with Logs. Six triangles are pieced together, making a hexagon block. Before piecing, the black center of each triangle is embellished...each triangle has a different embellishment executed with silk twist threads. The embellishment gives the quilt a whimsical look. The Logs are between 3/8" and 5/8" in width. Framing this exquisite work is a 3-1/2" inner silk border embellished on both sides. The outer border is comprised of alternating 3-1/4" triangles. One triangle is striped with logs then alternated with a solid black embellished triangle. There is a 1/4" black silk binding.

There are "sleeves" on 2 sides making the quilt ready to be easily hung.

There is more information to ask me for. This quilt is not perfect...almost perfect that I was counting as character. All quilts I sell are normally perfect, but this one was one that I had not planned on selling. When it is hung, I feel no imperfections are noticeable.