BTG91 Optical Illusion Pinwheel Log Cabin Quilt
c. 1890
72 x 79 inches

Graphically wonderful and oh so captivating...Draws one's eye and keeps you there. Quilts that are predominately black or gray are difficult to find. This wonderful entreating quilt is very, very sophisticated.

All Log strips are 3/4" in width and machine pieced in such a way that the quilt does not need to be quilted. Strips vary from 2" to 6" in length. The center of each Windmill is a Broken Dishes pattern and measures apx. 4" x 4". The joining blocks which are a Four Square pattern measure 3" x 3". These joining blocks are not always perfectly joined and adds playfulness to this fabulous textile. The black seperately applied binding is 1/2" in width.

All fabrics are glazed cotton..the backing is a cuddly striped beige, tan and light blue cotton flannel.

Wonderful to use on a bed or a couch yet an incredible piece of textile art for your wall.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent with free shipping for your approval.

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