BTG92 Unusual Adaptation of Tumbling Blocks Quilt
c. 1880
38 x 38 inches
New England

It appears that this 19th Century baby quilt was never used. The unique Tumbling Block pattern is comprised of five fabrics: White with a tiny black dot, medium blue calico with dots, a wonderful chrome yellow calico, a striated red, and an Indigo blue calico. The backing is a very unusual black and white geometric print.

The background is a variegated red that does not photograph well and can come across as is red.

The sides of each triangle measure 2-1/2". All pieces are outline quilted. Red areas are diagonal quilted in a 1" grid. Finishing this little quilt is a separately applied 1/4" binding executed in an Indigo calico. This very graphic quilt is perfectly pieced and loved for its graphics more than its quilting.

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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