BTG93 Umbrella Girls Quilt
c. 1930
72 x 88 inches
New England, maybe New Hampshire

This unused Umbrella Girls quilt takes this pattern to another level with the wonderful embellishment of each of the 12 girls.

Not only is the applique work perfect, but in addition, each piece and part of their outfit and accessories are outlined with a perfect running stitch in black thread.

Each block measures 15" X 15". The sashing is 3-1/2" in width with the triple border comprised of three strips each 3" in width. There is a 1/4" separately applied binding applied by machine and closed by hand. Blocks and strips were assembled by machine while all work on the "girls" was executed by hand.

All blocks are quilted with a straight line 3/4" crosshatched grid. All sashing and border strips are quilted in a 1" horizontal grid. Quilting is excellent with nice perfectly even and relatively small stitches.

I do not see how one can look at this quilt and not smile! Just happy,happy..:-)

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent on approval, with free shipping.

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