Mosaic Quilt in Lavender & Mint Green
74 x 88 (188 x 223.5 cm)

A very sweet Mosaic quilt in lavender and mint green. Beautifully made by an experienced hand the mint green and lavender calico hexagons have been fussy cut so each has a miniature bouquet in the center. Within the diamond of flowers is a solid lavender diamond with a soft yellow center. All mosaic diamonds are exactly the same making for a sophisticated and serene presentation. Hexagons measure two inches in diameter and each is expertly hand pieced to its neighbor. The pristine white ground sets off the wonderful color palette beautifully.

The backing is white cotton and the 3/8" soft yellow applied binding is the same fabric used for the mosaic centers. Hand quilting is skillfully executed and consists of outline quilting throughout. This quilt appears unused, or was used very little, and is still crisp. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it is in perfect, clean condition and ready to ship to you on approval for private viewing.