CONAJM Wool and Wool Challis Log Cabin Quilt

59 x 59 inches
New England

Shown here is a very stunning example of a circa 1880s wool and wool challis Log Cabin quilt, measureing 59 x 59" inches, and coming from New England. Each quilt block measures approximately 7 inches square. The logs used for the creation of this quilt are approximately a half inch in width. Crowning this quilt is a border, in a rich burgundy wool, measuring 4-3/4 inches in width. The last quarter inch is actually a silk velvet binding. There is a green cotton backing where you can see the reverse tying in little fancy knots. These knots are a fancy way of finishing a quilt by reverse tying in a way that creates an attractive backing.
This Log Cabin quilt is in absolutely perfect condition. The Straight Furrows pattern originally came to us from England. This pattern did not originate here in America as so many of the Log Cabin Patterns did. This design was meant to emulate the rows of plantings and fields in England.
The quilt is a perfect wall hanging size and probably was originally made for a youth bed. Having two "sleeves", it is all ready to hang. Now you may hang your quilt in a curatorially correct manner. In perfect unused condition, it may be sent for your in-home approval.