CONAS4 Indigo and White Unusual Variation of Rob Peter to Pay Paul with Zig Zag Border
72 x 80 inches
New England

Believe it is safe to assume that the creator of this quilt was gifted with a mind for geometry. This uniquely designed quilt contains hundreds of blocks each on point and measuring apx 5-1/2”square. The optical illusion is revealed by the juxtaposition of the fabrics in the Rob Peter to Pay Paul design. When I first look at this, I see snowballs in four equal sections. The ”snowball" indigo and white circles are made up of four equal size pie shaped pieces. There are borders on three sides...why do the extra work on the top where it might not be seen? A very New England trait... All piecing for this piece of art has been done by hand. The circular pieces are echo quilted with the rest of the quilting executed in diagonal and horizontal cross-hatching. The unusual 5” zig zag border design is all hand pieced. At first sight, I thought it was appliquéd, but on closer view, it’s not. This quilt is a stunning piece of art for your wall. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.