CONBP1 Holiday Phlox Variation Quilt (named by RMQ)
c. 1845
76 x 82 inches
New England

Many times in the 19th century a woman moved away when she married. There were times when family members were seperated and were never able to see their family again. Travel was arduous to say the least; certainly not what it is today.

A quilt made for a bride was often put away as a treasure: too special to be used. The reason we know this is a wedding quilt is because on one side of the outermost border, which measures 3-1/8", there are dozens of stacked double line quilted hearts. Hearts then as now are a symbol of love. The double line quilting is indicative of the 1840s as is the nine block formation of this spectacular quilt. Comprised of three fabrics: a wonderful overdyed green with white dots that is actually linen, a turkey red cotton fabric, and a very fine white cotton fabric. The backing of this quilt is linen, indicative of pre-1860s quilts. All work was executed by hand, also indiciative of this era.

We have nine blocks each measuring approximately 19 X 19". The sashing that joins these blocks is 4-3/4" wide. There is a double outside border measuring 5-1/2 inches. The binding, in the same overdyed green calico, is 3/8 inch wide and separately applied. The quilting is truly amazing as is the applique work. All applique stitching is miniscule. On the green the applique stitches are almost invisible. The blocks are diagonally quilted in rows 1/2 inch apart. All sashing and four outside borders are quilted with a perfectly executed meandering vine pattern and then filled in with more diagonal quilting. One border has an additonal 3" strip that is embellished with continuous hearts....Love eternal...

I have searched and searched for this pattern ...not locating a name I have named this quilt pattern, with the assistance of my associate, who just happens to be a Master Gardner. If anyone knows another name please let me know.

This quilt appears never to have been used. Now this over 170 year old artistic masterpiece has been organically hand washed and is ready to be shipped free of charge, for your in home approval.

The name of this quilt's maker is available upon sale.

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