CONBP2 Evening Star Quilt

64 x 70 inches
New England

This wonderfully graphic and extraordinarily well quilted indigo and white Evening Star quilt is comprised of 56... 7” blocks. The 28 Evening Star blocks are diagonally quilted with beautifully executed stitches in rows 5/8" apart. The alternating white blocks are quilted with a medallion, all outside areas of this block are diagonally quilted with the center diagonally quilted. The quilting is so abundant that many areas appear to be stippled.

There is a 7-1/2” border comprised of a 2” Indigo inner border, a 5-1/4” white outer border, and a 1/4” separately applied hand executed Indigo binding. The white border is quilted using a diagonal leaf design that I have never seen and may be an original design. This design encompases the entire border...are these tilted leaves or tilted trees? The inner Indig border is quiltd with a triple row design emulating the flow of a stream. All together we have 28 star blocks and 28 white alternating blocks all of which are beautifully quilted. Each block measures approximately 7 inches square.

The quilt appears to be in unused condition. A bonus is the fact that This graphically wonderful quilt is a perfect size for a wall hanging or to use as a throw anywhere in your home.

The indigo stars are all comprised of one miniscule star pattern in a very deep indigo. The outer border has a medium blue indigo of the same print matching the binding. The different blue used here acts to frame the main body of the quilt.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your in home viewing.