CONBP4 Ohio Star with Patriotic Fabric Quilt

83 x 98 inches
New England

This early 20th century Ohio Star quilt is in mint condition (never washed, never used). This wonderful quilt has been packed away for over 100 years. Today we have a quilt not only that can be used on a queen size bed, but we have a quilt created from patriotic American flag fabric. A fabric that I have never seen before and at this point am unable to find in any book. On this fabric, in addition to the American flag, we have what appears to be a red cross flag and what appears to be the Washington Monument. Another design is a star within a star surrounded by a wreath. Even though I cannot locate this fabric, I feel it is a WWI commemorative fabric.

The quilt is comprised of 42 8” pieced blocks connected with 2” sashing. All work, both piecing and quilting has been executed by hand. All triangles are outline quilted. The center square in each block measures 2-5/8” square, is outline quilted, and then X-quilted. The outside sashing measures 3-3/4”. The white outside border measures 8-1/4”. There is a hand stitched pillowcase edge finishing this quilt. The outside border also has a 5 row chain pattern border.

The pattern of this quilt, which in itself is wonderful, is not what makes this quilt so rare – the American Patriotic fabric has created its rarity. This unused quilt may be used on your your bed or collected as American memorabilia.

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