CONBP7 Amish Bars Crib Quilt

38 x 38 inches
Lancaster, PA

This quilt ia a quintessential Lancaster, PA Amish double corner block Bars Quilt. An original crib quilt so rare that at this point I am unable to find it in any of the numerous Amish quilt books in my home library.

Comprised of wool challies, pieced and quilted beautifully, as most Amish quilts are, we also find hearts quilted into the quilt, sending love to the little baby. The outside border measures approximately 6-1/2" with a 3/4" separately applied binding. Wide bindings are a signature of Amish quilts. The corner blocks measure 6 X 5-1/2" plus the border. The inside corner blocks measure 1-1/4" square. The inside border measures 1-1/4". The outside bars measure 2-1/2", the next bar measures 4", the next bar 3", the center measures 3-1/8" with the bars on the other side of the center bar matching in width.

The backing of the quilt is a gray cotton, as is seen on many Amish quilts. The actual colors of this quilt are a very deep forest green, lavender, lilac, purple, and black. I am listing these colors because I am having trouble photographing this quilt and obtaining accurate colors.

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