CONBP8 Touching Stars Quilt

74 x 86 inches
Believed to be from New York

Since the beginning of recorded time, people have documented their love of the stars and their fascination with celestial beings. This indigo and white touching stars quilt not only depicts the stars, but I am able to see the stars radiating.

Overall the dozens of stars are comprised of hundreds of diamonds each with 1-1/2" sides. The joining blocks measure 9-1/2" square. In addition to the perfectly executed twelve touching stars, we have a double border. The innermost 1-1/2" border is comprised of dozens and dozens of triangles which measure 2-1/8" by 1-5/8" by 1-5/8". The outside 8-1/4" white border has containing in those measurements an indigo 1/4" separately applied binding.

Here are some of the numerous beautifully executed designs showing in the textile. The center of each star has echo quilting. Diamonds are cross-hatched, the full star being outline quilted. The large joining blocks have a quilted wreath with a cross hatched center design. The smaller 4-1/2", on point, joining blocks are quilted with bulls eye quilting. The inner border is diagonally quilted while the outer border has a beautifully executed meandering vine surrounding the entire main body of the quilt. All areas outside the vine are diagonally quilted. The Indigo triangles framing the main body of the quilt graphically take this quilt to a higher level.

What a beautiful piece of textile art for your wall, bed or couch. Now organically washed and ready to be sent, as always with free shipping, for your in home approval.